Dear friends

A while ago I was asked by one of the directors of sport in Rzhyshchiv if I would help sponsor a set of uniforms for a junior football team. I agreed to this and just yesterday met with him to organize the details. He wants me to have a logo or name or something to put on it and he wants it by the 24th of this month.

So here is announcing a

Design a Logo Competition

  • Needs to be clear
  • Needs to be sent to me by Thursday 24th May
  • Winner will be given an honourable mention on my website and in a monthly update as well as I will send you a genuine Matriolka Doll set

He said it would be great to have one in English
Could be picture only, words only – or both

My ideas are limited – that is why I’m asking you to help
Would look good on the resume to have designed a logo for an international football team 

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up