Life has twists and turns. Sometimes we see them coming, and sometimes we don’t. As I begin to write this, we expected to be in transit to Ukraine (and summer time). Instead we are in cold, wet NZ. The reasons are not what we would choose. We are here to be with my sister Ruth and her family. Here are her words:


“Hi friends & family. Yesterday I (Ruth) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (stage 3). As you can imagine this was not the news we wanted to hear & we are still processing the full impact of this. Of course it brings up many questions and what seems like little answers. We don't know what the next few weeks/months or years will hold (truth be told no one does) although this does probably involve some sort of surgery and treatment - likely in Auckland.
We will stand together with God who is our anchor and who remains in control to fight this thing. We will not give up yet embrace each day as one to be lived fully for Him. We are asking you if you would stand with us in prayer for strength, peace and above all that God will be glorified in our lives and actions.
Thanks for your love and friendship - it means a lot.
God Bless
Jon & Ruth & Gabby Pirini”

Please make this a prayer point to bring before our merciful God. At this stage we hope to leave on August 5th and continue our plans as before with a reduced time in Ukraine.

Marie’s Corner

Still married to Jono

Jonny Peace’s Piece


Dad is teaching me to tackle. So far I reckon it is fun to be tackled because he is pretty easy on me. I also seem to be developing Dad’s morning addiction. I get pretty upset if I don’t get my morning fluffy (babyccino) along with my coffee. Thanks to Aunty Essie I had my first marshmallow along with a fluffy the other day. This travel thing is ok so far with me. What is confusing is all of these people coming and saying hello and then goodbye. If you are so nice to me, why do you always have to leave?

William Kind’s Comments


Dad says I’m now eligible to play for the All Blacks. Whoop-dee-do. I’m just stoked that before I was 2 months old I had citizenship of 3 countries. Beat that! Actually I’m so happy that I have decided to start smiling. If you give me a cuddle I’ll probably give you a smile.


To Uncle Ken who dropped everything to help out at the last minute when our plans went topsy-turvy.DSCF9951

Love from,

Jono, Marie, Jonny and Will Miller