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Introducing Will

We are praising God for the healthy birth of William Kind Miller on May 14th at 5:05am. He weighed in at a healthy 3.860kg (8 pounds, 7 ounces) and was able to go home the day he was born. He has been a delight to us already as we’ve had the last two weeks to start to get to know him. He only has two tasks, to eat and sleep, and we are pleased that he does both quite well! Our boys are a blessing that we don’t take for granted.


The COUNTDOWN is on!

July 27th. We are flying out of Sydney in 45 days to start slowly making our way to Central Asia. First stop is Kyiv!  We are looking forward to having some time traipsing around Europe on our way to our new home in the mountains.  We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has made us meals, helped us pack up our things, and watched our kids.  We love all our friends here and are looking forward to seeing you all before we leave.  We’re not leaving forever, we’ll be back to say hello before you know it!


Marie’s Corner

I know that some women really love being pregnant, but I must say, I much prefer the newborn phase! I don’t feel nearly as tired as I remember being when Jonny was this age.  I know that having Jono at home taking care of the housework and entertaining Jonny makes a huge difference. And it’s been really lovely to see so many friends sign up to cook meals for us! We have been loving all the visits and just generally enjoying life as a family of four. Jono has been back at work for two weeks now, but his parents came for most of that time, and now my mom is here from the States, so I’m well taken care of. I feel a bit spoiled by all the help everyone is giving me. Thanks.


Jonny Peace’s Piece

I love to give baby Will a kiss on the head whenever I can. I’m still working out that I’m not supposed to step or crawl on him. But I found out that he can sleep even if I jump on the bed next to him. I try to share my toys but he’s not that interested. He takes up a lot of mama’s time, but that’s ok, cause daddy takes me out for walks and sometimes we even get a coffee. I love all the visitors that keep coming because they bring muffins and cakes and cookies. As soon as someone comes to the door, I show them straight to the dining room table!

Love from,

Jono, Marie, Jonny and Will Miller