Every day I walk outside and am amazed and enthralled by the view no matter which direction I cast my gaze. For those of you who have connected on WhatsApp you have probably seen some of the spectacular pictures (find our WhatsApp numbers in the right-hand column). We have had two wonderful dumps of fresh snow and Jonny has enjoyed throwing it, making a snowman and lying in it to make some sort of snow angel. The ice is slippery but one learns to be careful. You also should adjust your expectation of how long things take. It truly takes 30 minutes for our family to get ready to leave the house together. We have had water off a couple times with frozen pipes and a couple of electricity outages, but in general the utilities here are pretty reliable.


How do you take care of a toddler, a baby and a house and still have time to learn a language? I’ve been wondering this all month and I’ve had to conclude that it’s impossible (at least for me!) If any of you mothers out there have any helpful suggestions, I’d be very interested in hearing them! Two weeks ago my friend here told me about a young lady looking for work so I asked her if she wanted to come and help me a few times a week. She is fantastic! She loves kids, she has a great attitude, and she’s super helpful around the house. It’s such a blessing to me to have someone I can learn from who is happy to come to me. Especially now that getting out of the house to visit people is a lot more difficult with kids!


I have a new favourite song which I randomly sing: “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.” Snow is great. It is pretty cold but that doesn’t stop me picking it up and trying to throw it. Presents are great too. I seem to do well as I can play with my presents and Will’s. I love it when I get to go and see any of our Uncles or Aunties (team mates). I went to the office Christmas party with Daddy and ate nearly an entire bowl of olives. I think Daddy uses me as his play thing sometimes. Daddy says something, I copy it, and then everyone else laughs. Someone should tell him I’m not a parrot. Every day I need to remember to listen to Mama and Daddy and to obey. The best thing about last month was the clues. Every day was a new clue that Mama had painted and we hung them up. I learned they all lead to Jesus’ birth on Christmas day.


Could someone tell Jonny to stop stealing my toys? Only I’m allowed to do that. Also, food is much better if I put it in my mouth rather than someone else doing it. Who cares if I miss my mouth most of the time, my parents always clean up the mess. Daddy tried to teach me to sleep through the night. I told him what I thought of that by screaming for 1 ½ hours straight, but I am able to go with just one feed a night now. Rumour has it they want me to drop that one too. I might have something to say about that! When we go out in the cold they zip me in this thing called a snowsuit which is basically a straightjacket for babies. I can’t move in any direction in that thing. I suppose it is important to keep warm though. I can stand up holding on to stuff with just one hand, I really want to let go and try that walking thing everyone is talking about. I haven’t let my teeth come through yet cause I think my gummy smile is truly the cutest.


This month’s short clip is a 9 minute tour of our town with Jono. Put on a jacket, I’m pretty sure that looking at this much snow will make you feel cold.


Love from

Jono, Marie, Jonny and Will Miller