A few years ago I wrote a few poems which are on this website. This year at school I analysed a few of them with my class and got them to make PowerPoint presentations illustrating them. I have chosen a couple of these to be posted here. The incentive to win was to be posted on the internet. These are the unedited work of Jess and Tamara. Enjoy!

The presentations are attached below.


Why do I do the things I do?

To make me happy? To make me blue?

Mind is thinking about this thinking.

Yet my eyes are blinking and winking

And my bum goes on stinking.

What the church is – what it does-

But all I hear is a buzz

A commotion and chaos inside my brain

As I’m waiting for the train

Of my thoughts to take me closer

To my destination.

So are these thoughts of any value?

Do they influence the fate I go to?

Or is my course already set.

I know I haven’t made it yet

But on the narrow path I tread

Jesus You’re my daily bread.

And now I write religious jargon

God this needs to STOP!

I want my thoughts to be captured by You

I need You – I believe You

I love You – I do

And now we talk of the church edifies

Not just a burger, coke and fries

But hurt decreased and joy increased

As life is shared.

It’s messy, it hurts, it makes you vulnerable

But God kill my pride

I know I lied and trust has died –

So heal restore

And may I live once more.


My heart is growing cold

I feel I’m getting old

And now I’m not as bold

As I used to be

I used to jump and dance

Wear psychedelic pants

Give me a second chance

To be like I used to be

I lived just like a lark

Then failure left its mark

I hate stumbling in the dark

Take me back where I used to be

The remedy is in the cross

Without Him all is loss

Lord Jesus be the boss

Like You used to be

When I grow up I want to be a little boy

This plan I will employ

To live life full of joy

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FEELING SICK (written on an airsickness bag)

On a plane

Oh the pain

40 hours

40 years

Going round and round

The carrousel

With no luggage

Travelling light

Less to carry

But you rush

What’s your hurry?

Got to get there

Then the next place

But the smile has left your face


Not this station

Got frustration?

Need elation?

Oh the pain

On this plane


Artificial doors

Artificial light

In the belly of the earth

Out of sight


Hiding from the bad?

Hiding from the good?

Separatists unite

As they should?


Seven hiding in a group

Two alone together

One with all his thoughts

Sits and thinks about forever


I want to have all the answers

And I do

But they’re not found in me

Or in you


So why do I talk

My ‘wisdom’ I expound

A never ending circle

Where truth is never found


Unless I stop





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"Have mercy on me O God - because of Your love and Your kindness. Look down on me but do not see my sin. Remove it from before Your sight and mine. Cover me because of the blood of Your Son's death. May Your mercy restore me. May Your punishment be stayed. Lift me up. Set my feet on the Rock. May they not stumble again. May my foot not be moved. May my faith not waver. You have proven time and time again that You are faithful - You are trustworthy. Cause my faith in You to grow. May your mercy and grace be the crowning marks of my life. May my mouth sing praise and joyously tell forth all You have done and will continue to do. Let me dance - let me sing - may my heart be lifted up - may I see You my King, and live - Have mercy O God upon me - a sinner."


I am beginning to realise that it's not about me

It's your grace, not my works that set me free

I'm beginning to trust in the grace that I can't see

And it's more than touch and sight to believe


So I will choose another day to step out on the platform of your grace

And I won't be afraid of the mess I might make

Cause Jesus you're bigger than my mistakes


I've been the champion of screwing things up

Taking what's right and making them all wrong

This I know with all my heart,

I can't earn it, I know I don't deserve it.


Awake desire within me,

Open my eyes so I can see.

Without your love I can't even breathe.

Jesus your grace has set me free.


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