Awoke really early to find a blanket of cloud everywhere.

I drifted in and out of sleep but the clouds drifted nowhere. Eventually Govinda called me for breakfast (twice). After breakfast we headed down the way we had come. Down hill is harder than up, not as far as being strenuous but in the jarring to the knees.

We hiked at a good pace and made good time heading towards Namche Bazar. We had to pass a train of yaks going the same way as us and it felt a bit scary. Those yaks were unladen heading down hill rather quickly and being rather free with their horns. We then saw lots of yak and jopki heaidn the other way and I got some video footage of them passing each other. They can go anywhere without losing their footing.

We made it to Namche Bazar by about 10:30 and Ratzkumar my porter had gone on well ahead of us. I think he was herding me back for beating him up the hill yesterday. So the idea I had of stopping and getting some internet coverage was no good cause my tablet was miles ahead of me by then.

So I shouted Govinda and myself to some nice silly coffee and chocolate brownies. Way out of Govinda's usual price range. I had forgotten what it was to be generous and how good it feels. Gotta get back into that. Bumped into a couple from Israel and a Swiss couple coming up the hill. We headed down and eventually rejoined the Dudh Koshi River and wound our way back to Phakteng where we had stayed our first night.

While I waited for the hot water for a much needed shower we played cards with an old man who was mute but certainly knew how to laugh with his whole face. Phil, a guy from Yass in Aus is also staying here and we shared a lot of stories and it was able to talk about my work in Ukraine and Marie's work in Central Asia.

Today's trek was long but mainly retracing steps so I didn't take a lot of photos or stop too much. I wrote a lot of letters in my head. I hope I get the chance to actually write them some day. God is good!!