Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!

Up at 4:55 and a brisk uphill walk to the viewing area of many ranges and peaks.

The sky was beautifully clear. I was told later it hasn't been like that in weeks. Thank you Lord. We can see just the top of Everest poking out behind the Lotche Range and about 25-30 kms away as the crow flies. Can you believe it? My camera battery is almost dead.

Took a few on the tablet for immediate uploading but better photos will come. Took some pics with Pat and Mike and met a guy from Cypress up there too. We stayed till the sun hit us which took a long time to make it over the closest range. I could see a spectacular view back down the valley I have come up the past two days. Even saw a plane coming in to land in Lukla. It's now just after breakfast and I might have a bit of a nap and then go for a small explore around town again.

Today is a rest and acclimatization day. Time for a nap. Day three is done and I sit in bed shivering a little from the cold but sure I will warm up. I washed my socks in the sink yesterday arvo and they have been hanging for 30 hours in the window and are still quite wet. I slept mostly til lunch and then read and wrote and learned a new card game from Govinda. After lunch I wandered into the central part of town.

Withdrew money from an ATM. Yep there is one of those up here! I took a few pics and wandered round the open market they have selling produce and other wares. I bought more internet time and a present for Marie and then watched a film showing in a bar. Into Thin Air. Quite a gripping and rather horrific tale of tragedy on Mt Everest.

I stocked up on toilet paper snickers bars socks and got myself a Nepalese hat. Dinner and a bit of Facebook time and now ready for an early night. If clear I'm off to view the mountains in the morning before breakfast this time with a charged battery in my camera. Til tomorrow journal and almost flat tablet battery :-) :-)