2008_1018everybodydance0063Stuck in traffic! A rainy late Friday afternoon and I'm stuck in a propka. The name for a cork is the same word for a traffic jam. I see a sign for the metro system so I pull up on the footpath, park the van and head to the underground. 15 minutes later I'm waiting in the rain with some friends. I have a silly hat, a sign that says Lida for president, and I'm wondering why for the second time in a few weeks I forgot to bring a jumper when the weather is below 10 degrees. Eventually we hop on a bus and are transported to some weapons factory that has been converted into a TV studio.

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Art of Luda

Luda is 28 years old. She remembers as a young girl coming first in a race at school. But that is now a very distant memory. When Luda was 16 years old she became sick and as a result developed ‘miasteniya’. This disease affects nerves and muscles and consequently Luda was left in a wheel chair for a number of years. Miasteniya is treatable but costly. Luda has had one operation and she walks with a pronounced limp. Stairs are very difficult and slow for her. Usually someone carries her up and down the stairs at church.

I had the privilege of visiting Luda and seeing her art work. She loves to draw. She mainly draws objects or copies pictures that are in front of her. I photographed a sampling of her art (sorry I don’t have a photo of Luda yet as she decided she was not dressed properly for a photograph).

We talked at length. I hesitantly asked her about her limp. She was really happy to talk. She wanted to know if I had more questions. She said it was wonderful for someone to take an interest in her life. She has very few visitors and doesn’t get out of the house very much at all.

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