Way back in 1992 I wrote some poems about my siblings and recently found them.

TimothyPicture 069

T is for Timothy an older brother of mine, And it's also to him I dedicate this rhyme.

I is for intelligent, of Tim it's certainly true; Accounting, sport and music are a few things he can do.

M is for manly, "He's growing up so fast"; They said when he was three years old "But let's hope it will last."

O is for options, Tim has only two and he knows; What's more, only Tim can choose the one on which he goes.

T is for trouble, Tim experienced his share; Cars, family, motorbikes, soccer - and herding goats for Mr Blair.

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Here I am spending time in NZ with various family members. The other day I was at my sister Priscilla's place becoming acquainted with my niece and nephew. I was 'watching' Jacob in the lounge room and decided to have a tinkle on the ebony and ivory. Some time later Jacob was wanting to get out of the room and I looked down to discover the lounge room almost completely covered with little white balls. Jacob had managed to open the bean bag and spread much of its contents in every direction. Sjoerd and I had fun cleaning it all up and I retain the absent minded professor title.

Good one Uncle Jono!!

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