May Monthly Update 2007

As I was typing this letter my neighbour came over and reminded me that I had promised to help her grandson move. He and his wife and daughter are moving back into the family home next door. She said I’d better go now cause his stuff is outside and it’s about to rain. When I finished helping them a couple more guys came over to borrow some volleyball gear and have a cup of tea. Life is full of interruptions or should I call them opportunities? It depends on my perspective.

Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Service
The registration process is still in the pipeline. I have made progress and am awaiting some translation services to be completed.

The exciting news is the students. I now have four classes a week. This is keeping me on my toes in preparation. I am still looking to find some really helpful resources. I have just a few. I plan on attending some ESL courses when I am back in Australia next year.

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April 2007 Monthly Update

The Kyiv Metro system has some very long escalators. I like waving to all the people going the other way and calling out “hello” or “smile”! Most people try to stare straight ahead, but some will smile or wave back, and the other day someone called out “Jono!” Kyiv is a small place!!

Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Services
Last month I told you about this new focus and the last 4 weeks have been focused on pursuing this. I have met with countless people, searched many pages on the internet, and so far have nothing concrete to show for it. Sorry, I do have one thing – I now have a tax file number here in Ukraine. Also I have found out a lot of information, much of it contradictory or confusing. I have found a number of people who are interested in the idea and some who say they want to help after I first get registered.

I am thinking of teaching a few people from home on an informal basis, to get a start and to raise more interest.

Olya (my translator) worked for me for the best part of 4 weeks. She has now finished up and gone back to Poltava.

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March 2007 Monthly Update

Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Services
1. To register an organisation that allows us to:
• Teach foreign languages
• Pay workers
• Receive money for services
• Receive money as gifts from within Ukraine and overseas
• Live in Ukraine as foreigners
• Bring foreign visitors to Ukraine
• Rent premises
• Operate totally legally and transparently
2. To open a language centre in Rzhyshchiv.
• Find a place to rent
• Advertise for students
• Prepare lesson materials
• Ascertain appropriate fee structure
• Start teaching classes
3. To teach English one or two days a week in one (or both) of Rzhyshchiv’s local schools
• Speak to English teachers
• Speak to school Principals (Heads)

The next few weeks will be dedicated to the above 3 goals. I have hired a translator for 3 weeks. Olya from Poltava will be coming to Rzhyshchiv and working with me each day as I will be meeting with people here in Rzhyshchiv and in Kyiv to accomplish these tasks.

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February 2007 Monthly Update


Going somewhere away from home
Not going to work or school
Eating more than usual
Staying up late and sleeping in
Playing more games
Watching more TV
Spending more money than usual
More time with friends and loved ones
Maybe the above statements are true for you. They often are for me. Sometimes I fear there is a lot of self indulgence in a holiday.
My current ‘holiday’ is quite a long one and so I am also working for a part of it. I was keen to be back in the classroom teaching as well as it being a good way to pay for the holiday.


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