December 2016



We have finally made it to Khorog! It has been four long years since Marie was here and it is the first time for me and the boys. Tonight was team meeting, and as it was our first, it was a social get-to-know-you. We went down to KFC and picked up pizzas!


Our washing machine is working, yay! I’m very glad to be back in my old home with my host family. I’ll write something more next month.


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Everest Trek Day 7

A great night's sleep and woke to have a pancake for breakfast and to chew the fat with Phil a bit more before he went one way and I went the other. We made it a good brisk walk back to Lukla and arrived before 10 am. I had the best hot shower and changed into my last remaining clean clothes I had been saving for the trip back.

And welcome back to internet land. Really I had no idea how connected one can be up here in the mountains. Its Marie's birthday and I would like to try and call her but I don't know her number, it's in my phone which I left in Katmandu convinced it was of no use up here.

So I find that my trekking journal entries have all been posted to my blog as well as to Facebook. Well I told my brother to do what he likes with them but I know they are rough unedited notes. And not having sent any photos yet my niece has chosen a range of pics from the files - nothing to do with Everest but nice pics all the same.

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Everest Trek Day 6

Awoke really early to find a blanket of cloud everywhere.

I drifted in and out of sleep but the clouds drifted nowhere. Eventually Govinda called me for breakfast (twice). After breakfast we headed down the way we had come. Down hill is harder than up, not as far as being strenuous but in the jarring to the knees.

We hiked at a good pace and made good time heading towards Namche Bazar. We had to pass a train of yaks going the same way as us and it felt a bit scary. Those yaks were unladen heading down hill rather quickly and being rather free with their horns. We then saw lots of yak and jopki heaidn the other way and I got some video footage of them passing each other. They can go anywhere without losing their footing.

We made it to Namche Bazar by about 10:30 and Ratzkumar my porter had gone on well ahead of us. I think he was herding me back for beating him up the hill yesterday. So the idea I had of stopping and getting some internet coverage was no good cause my tablet was miles ahead of me by then.

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Everest Trek Day 5

Its just before 11am, I'm sitting in my room in Tengboche 3860 metres elevation. I might climb a nearby hill this afternoon just to get past the 4000 mark. This is as far as we come. When I first looked out the window I had a view of Everest. It has clouded in now but the clouds are swirling so I might see it some more today and should tomorrow.

Without even getting out of bed!! This morning was cloudy and after breakfast we set out from Khumjung along the side of the valley. Along the way bumped into a couple guys I had seen at the viewing area in Namche a couple days ago. Andy Rankin and Jonathan Gingham from Wisconsin. After meeting Andy and Jonathan (great name btw), we descended down heaps of stone steps to meet the Dudh Koshi River again. Down is not so good on these old knees. Going back to Lukla could be a bit of fun.

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Everest Trek Day 4

Its 4:45 pm and I feel like it has been a long and great day already.

After totally wiping the battery on the tablet last night reading in bed, I had no alarm to wake me, but I woke at 5:10 anyhow and quickly headed up the hill to the viewing area. I was the only one there for ages. And if yesterday was perfect, then today no word in the English language affords describing the view and the weather. I met a Nepalese who said it was so unusual to have weather like this at this time of year. Thank you Lord I echo. This time armed with a full battery in the camera I snapped off dozens of photos and a couple of panoramic sweeps using the video function.

With the exception of a small amount of cloud in front of Lotche there wasn't a cloud to be seen and none coming for a while either. So I hurried back for breakfast so we could leave just after seven. We headed up and over the rise that divides Namche  from the villages of Khumjung and Khunde. As we hit the top we had spectacular views of Taboche, Everest, Lotche, Ama Dablam, Kangtega, Thamserku, Kusum Khangkaru and many more.

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Everest Trek Day 3

Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!

Up at 4:55 and a brisk uphill walk to the viewing area of many ranges and peaks.

The sky was beautifully clear. I was told later it hasn't been like that in weeks. Thank you Lord. We can see just the top of Everest poking out behind the Lotche Range and about 25-30 kms away as the crow flies. Can you believe it? My camera battery is almost dead.

Took a few on the tablet for immediate uploading but better photos will come. Took some pics with Pat and Mike and met a guy from Cypress up there too. We stayed till the sun hit us which took a long time to make it over the closest range. I could see a spectacular view back down the valley I have come up the past two days. Even saw a plane coming in to land in Lukla. It's now just after breakfast and I might have a bit of a nap and then go for a small explore around town again.

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Everest Trek Day 2

Its 20 past two in the arvo and I'm showered and sitting in my room in Namche Bazar. We have climbed to height of 3440 metres. I guess that's the highest I've ever been before.

My guide forgot my sleeping bag and thought I didn't want walking poles. Well blankets will suffice and he found a walking stick for me and I am quite appreciative of it.

Breakfast was rather meagre this morning. We headed out about 7:30 and continued along the Dudh Koshi River crossing it a number of times on suspension bridges. The sides of the valley are very steep and well forested with pines and some rhododendrons. All along the way are porters carrying huge loads. Where ever I go now I am becoming more and more aware that everything built here was carried in. Sheets of glass, timber, iron roofing, pool tables. Watching these porters I am impressed with what they carry and how they do it. They have basket on their back with a rope over their forehead. The basket can be loaded to 70+ kgs!

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