DSCF2914This is the Ukrainian acronym for my business. Yesterday we signed our first contract. Here is a photo of Katya - the first student to join our classes. We signed up four students yesterday and have another sign-up evening today. Classes will start next week, and I expect they will grow by word of mouth.

I'm not normally a nervous person. I have been more nervous at various times this week than I can remember in a long time. I am very much aware of my inabilities. I am thankful for the many people who have helped thus far.

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The lychee is a small fruit with a red rough skin incasing a white wet flesh that looks like an eyeball and tastes slightly better. But for the last week I have been donning the yellow rubber gloves, climbing my ladder and picking these little fruit.

IMGP0115It's been fun, tiring, slow, boring, interesting and a host of other interchangeable adjectives.

I've been working with Bec Adams, a girl I knew from years ago in Sydney and Maclean. We have had some great encouraging conversations. Picking is finished now, I won't be disappointed to finish picking lychees but I'm glad I had the experience.

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