2009_0219chnhvplus0081When I was in Australia last year, young blokes were all into drifting. Today I left them all for dead, but not something I wish to repeat in a hurry. We had heavy snow yesterday and another top up again last night. I drove home last night – carefully but with no real problems. So I decided to head down the hill this morning. Slowly and carefully does it. But the hill had a different idea. I started to skid. I tried to brake off and on, I tried to drive into deep snow. I managed to drive to one side, saw some large trees approaching, lost all control, missed the trees, got the front up on a bit of a slope and managed to slide the entire back of the van around and ended up parked totally perpendicular to the road. To say I was shaking would be an understatement.

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FEELING SICK (written on an airsickness bag)

On a plane

Oh the pain

40 hours

40 years

Going round and round

The carrousel

With no luggage

Travelling light

Less to carry

But you rush

What’s your hurry?

Got to get there

Then the next place

But the smile has left your face


Not this station

Got frustration?

Need elation?

Oh the pain

On this plane


2008_0717ca0025 Wow, it is well over a month since I got back to Ukraine and feels like I have written hardly any emails at all. Actually sometimes it feels good to not be online much, (other times I wish I was more).

One friend Max came to stay for a couple of days after camp. He is away for the summer but will come here in September. I get on really well with Max and it will be great to have him around.

I have had two separate trips to Crimea – both just relaxing holidays. The first with friends from Kyiv who invited me to go with them, and then with Ruth and Jon and extras – becoming an August tradition for us.

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Well where is Jono at any rate?

For the next 3 months I'm staying on a farm in Eureka. It's great to have a bit of routine and normalcy and to unpack the suitcase for the first time since October.

Now that I'm in Australia for a few months - I'd love to catch up in one form or another.

21 May 009 My phone is: HM. (02) 6688 4323  MOB. 0421 446 853

Address is: 101 Whian Road, Eureka, NSW, 2480

You are welcome to drop by and visit. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Or for those a bit further away you can often find me on MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Just use my email address jono@jonomiller.com

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