And the winners are . . . !!!

Thanks for submitting an entry or showing an interest in the logo competition. I took all the entries to the sports director and he chose a combination of two designed by Keryn Reddel and Ben Clarke. They will both receive their Ukrainian dolls in the post in the next couple of weeks.
I will post a picture of the sports uniforms when they arrive here in Rzhyshchiv – they were just ordered and paid for today.

The final entry is the shield attached (the first one).

Keep Looking Up

Design A Logo Competition

Dear friends

A while ago I was asked by one of the directors of sport in Rzhyshchiv if I would help sponsor a set of uniforms for a junior football team. I agreed to this and just yesterday met with him to organize the details. He wants me to have a logo or name or something to put on it and he wants it by the 24th of this month.

So here is announcing a

Design a Logo Competition

  • Needs to be clear
  • Needs to be sent to me by Thursday 24th May
  • Winner will be given an honourable mention on my website and in a monthly update as well as I will send you a genuine Matriolka Doll set

He said it would be great to have one in English
Could be picture only, words only ā€“ or both

My ideas are limited ā€“ that is why Iā€™m asking you to help
Would look good on the resume to have designed a logo for an international football team ļŠ

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up

Ukraine vs Germany Rugby Match

A couple thousand spectators wandered into Kyiv’s Spartak Stadium to watch a near top of the table clash between Ukraine and Germany in this year’s European Nations Cup. Having been relegated last year, Ukraine immediately found themselves again on the back foot defending their line after knocking on from the kick off. The intensity was strong, but their resolve held out and they went back to half way – only 3 points down.

The next few passages of play saw great forward work for the first 5 pointer for Ukraine. Converted from the sideline, Ukraine hit the lead 7-3. More aggressive pick and go from the forwards saw Germany back pedaling and Ukraine makes it 14-3. A couple more penalties are all Germany can manage. Ukraine’s tackling was aggressive and their defense clinical. But a terrible mistake from the full back just before half time allows the German team over the line and the conversion gives them the lead.

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Went to the football

Went to the football (soccer) last night.
It was Ukraine vs. Scotland and a qualifier for Euro 2008. I bought 15 tickets a couple weeks back and had a whole bunch of friends from here and Kyiv going. I also had a Scottish mate living in Ukraine come and stay before the game and help get me pumped up and enthusiastic for the game. He gave me a Scottish flag, hat and make do imitation kilt. Seeing as I have Scottish blood (I think my great Grandfather – is that right Mum?) I decided that supporting the Scots would be the way to go.

Simeon (Scottish mate) and I had a great time around the city before the game. We must have had our photo taken with well over 100 people. He left me at the gates to go the Scottish section where he had a ticket. I went to my section and found my Rzh friends there, but the police decided that as I was dressed in Scottish outfit it would be dangerous for me to sit there. They first came and told my friends around me to make sure they didn’t touch me (quite funny) then they decided in fact to move me.

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AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE! Australia Day 2006

January 26. The alarm sounds and I bounce out of bed, ready for a good ole Aussie day! Then I remember that this is Ukraine, it is about minus 20 and I still have no running water. So its heat up some water for a bucket bath.
After my bucket bath I must decide what to wear. First of all Speedos. Its Australia Day so we will definitely be going to the beach. Now for the warm clothes. Green and gold socks (Beecroft Rugby), an Australian T-shirt on top of my jumper, my Australian Army jacket and an Akubra.

Some careful make up jobs were next on the list. A flag on one cheek, AUS on the other cheek and green stripes in my hair.

Now time to pack up the vegetables I managed to buy in Kyiv the day before, the cream cheese and the sweet chilli sauce. The most money I have paid for food in a long time.

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and I would walk 500 more, but to be the man who runs 5000 metres and comes dead last.

Yesterday I left home at 6:30 am. I walked to the bus station where 8 other members of the Rzhyshchiv Athletics Club and our trainer hopped on the slow bus to Kyiv. Four hours, 2 buses and a train trip later, plus a short break to buy food, and we arrived at the Brovary Sports Stadium.

This is the Kyiv State Athletics Championships. The winners will go to the Ukrainian Championships, and the winners of that will represent their country at the European Championships.

From Rzhyshchiv we have 2 entries in the 500 metres, 4 in the 1000 metres, 2 running 2000, and I am entered in the last race of the day which is the men's 5000 metres.

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