28 June 013 I was born and grew up in a splendid beautiful small town. It was and is the most pleasant place for me. In this place there are many nice houses with various courtyards. Rzhyshchivites cherish the place of their childhood because of love and their memories. Rzhyshchiv is situated on two hills and between them, on a corner of the Dniper River. Here local citizens have a great opportunity to go by boat with their families to adjacent islands. They can have a wonderful rest there in the summer, because of the sand and the river; and interesting mushrooming in the autumn, generally on weekends. There are a lot of ‘holes-in-the-wall’ and also a bazaar. You will find two museums there: the Tripolye Culture Museum and the Museum of Regional Studies. Here is a gallery where photographs and paintings by local artists are exhibited. There are two childcare centres, two schools, a lot of hobby groups and four higher education establishments. And if you visit any house you will find generosity and hospitality. You will be given a variety of Ukrainian dishes and be regaled with folk songs.

Come to our little town, you won’t regret it. Open Rzhyshchiv a part of Ukraine for yourself.


This was written by Oksana B. (used with permission)