Well where is Jono at any rate?

For the next 3 months I'm staying on a farm in Eureka. It's great to have a bit of routine and normalcy and to unpack the suitcase for the first time since October.

Now that I'm in Australia for a few months - I'd love to catch up in one form or another.

21 May 009 My phone is: HM. (02) 6688 4323  MOB. 0421 446 853

Address is: 101 Whian Road, Eureka, NSW, 2480

You are welcome to drop by and visit. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Or for those a bit further away you can often find me on MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Just use my email address jono@jonomiller.com

I have also signed up with both Skype and Just Voip for cheap or free calls. Search for Jonathan Charles Miller.

And last and probably least, yes I have also fallen victim to the current plague known as Facebook.

So there is no excuse for me losing total touch with everyone!