Artificial doors

Artificial light

In the belly of the earth

Out of sight


Hiding from the bad?

Hiding from the good?

Separatists unite

As they should?


Seven hiding in a group

Two alone together

One with all his thoughts

Sits and thinks about forever


I want to have all the answers

And I do

But they’re not found in me

Or in you


So why do I talk

My ‘wisdom’ I expound

A never ending circle

Where truth is never found


Unless I stop






Be still


Come out, come out

Come out from underground

Come out, come out

On truth alone to feed

For if the Son shall set you free

You shall be free indeed


Issues of the heart outweigh the workings of my mind

The focus of my life

What do I see?

Advice I once was given

“Keep Looking Up”

Refocuses my eyes where they should be.