Silently standing
Motionless standing
Helpless standing
Side by side
One upon another
Strong, sturdy, helpless, silent

We wanted to act - but we could not
We wanted to scream out - but this was impossible
We know the truth
We saw the truth
Yet the truth remains hidden with us

We didn't understand
And still we do not understand
We are all the same more or less
Some have different functions - some are more prominent
But more or less all the same

So are they - more or less all the same
So why?
We don't know

But we know they fell
Their blood - stains
The smell of their burning flesh - abides The stench of the squalor in which they lived - remains
And if you listen carefully - their helpless, pitiful cries for mercy continue to echo off us

We were helpless
We were silent
We are bricks