1 May 006 What do you know about Rzhyshchiv? It’s a really beautiful town!

Cities, like people, are not like each other. Some of them – bright, immediately catch the eyes. Others – not visible, are like a shy girl who hides in the garden.

But if you look into their soul – their long history, then you will see their diamond originality and the greatness of their founders’ acts. Rzhyshchiv extends into the picturesque bay of the Dnipro. Once here, you involuntary think how long did the nature work to create a deep ditch in the valley, so perfectly adapted to life.

The city attracts both simplicity and elegance. On the Right Bank are high hills protected from hot summer and cold winter winds, and a light breathing of the Dnipro makes a special climate. Lehlych River swallows up the creek Karch and separates into two parts, falling into a big river, making a semicircle, which underscores the unique beauty of this town.

Its centre lies in a flat valley, but local residents chose the high hills around when they settled here and gave them their interesting names. Until this day the old names of Rzhyshchiv corners have been preserved. They are Krasnyi Kut, Dovhalivka, Obolon’ Zavodysche, Homyne, Marushkove, Goryanschyna, Makivschyna, Dovzhyk, Bilykivschyna, Berezivka, Krutyi Vyviz and Monastyrok.

The history of Rzhyshchiv is very interesting and multifaceted. It is intertwined with the history of Ukraine. Rzhyshchiv, like a Phoenix, for centuries had to die in a war of flames and rise again.

We know this land has been inhabited by people for a very long time. Archaeological finds of the first settlements are dated back to the early Neolithic Age.

The city is very green and blooming. Every year many tourists and visitors from abroad come here. Every year there is a festival called “Rzhyshchiv Wreath”.

If you visit our town once, you will want to come back here again!


This was written by Yulia B (used with permission)