Why do I do the things I do?

To make me happy? To make me blue?

Mind is thinking about this thinking.

Yet my eyes are blinking and winking

And my bum goes on stinking.

What the church is – what it does-

But all I hear is a buzz

A commotion and chaos inside my brain

As I’m waiting for the train

Of my thoughts to take me closer

To my destination.

So are these thoughts of any value?

Do they influence the fate I go to?

Or is my course already set.

I know I haven’t made it yet

But on the narrow path I tread

Jesus You’re my daily bread.

And now I write religious jargon

God this needs to STOP!

I want my thoughts to be captured by You

I need You – I believe You

I love You – I do

And now we talk of the church edifies

Not just a burger, coke and fries

But hurt decreased and joy increased

As life is shared.

It’s messy, it hurts, it makes you vulnerable

But God kill my pride

I know I lied and trust has died –

So heal restore

And may I live once more.