I did nothing – and You saved me
Such a simple lesson to learn
Yet all my life I try to earn
Your favour

I try good works – my righteous acts
You know the truth – You know the facts
My life is dead – it stinks – it’s rotten
Man’s righteousness has never gotten
Your favour

Again I need to learn this lesson
I can do nothing for Your blessing
So to Your throne of grace I go
You choose on whom You will bestow
Your favour

The devil accuses me of sin
I have no plea to answer him
Nothing I can do will save me
But God through Christ has placed upon me
His favour

Now I stand in Christ alone
Every day before His throne
Still nothing I do has any merit
Christ’s righteousness God gave as credit
O mighty favour

Spirit lead – I can do nothing
But submit, thank, praise and listen
Dead to sin alive to Christ
Help me live through Him who paid my price
and receive His favour

Nothing from me – all from Jesus
He to me is very precious
And so with nothing I simply ask
God please teach me – let me bask
in Your favour