Don't get sick!! At least not on a train in Ukraine. After throwing up about 12 times and going to the toilet about 15 times, I was laying down trying to get sleep - lots of people giving their opinion, giving me pills and asking if I needed a doctor. I kept protesting that I did not need to see a doctor. I had a slight temperature of 38.3. But when the train stopped at Dnipropetrovs'k they decided to get a doctor. The doctor's advice was that I get off and go to hospital. I protested and said a bit of sleep and I'll be fine (that's what my Dad said all my life growing up!). I told them thanks anyhow but I'd stay on the train. It wasn't long before the captain of the train was down saying that he would not leave until I got off and I better do it quick because people are starting to get angry. So off I got. I was escorted to a little room where I sat for ages. Eventually a doctor turned up. We needed a late night call to Dan for translation, then they put me in an ambulance. Well if it wasn't sick before that ride I would've been afterwards. I've never been in a bumpier van. They took me to the hospital for infectious diseases as they didn't know what my problem was. I've been here about a day - I don't really know what's going on - but they reckon I need to stay 5 days minimum. I'm going to have to barter with them (or run away).