My heart is growing cold

I feel I’m getting old

And now I’m not as bold

As I used to be

I used to jump and dance

Wear psychedelic pants

Give me a second chance

To be like I used to be

I lived just like a lark

Then failure left its mark

I hate stumbling in the dark

Take me back where I used to be

The remedy is in the cross

Without Him all is loss

Lord Jesus be the boss

Like You used to be

When I grow up I want to be a little boy

This plan I will employ

To live life full of joy

As things ought to be

I sit here in this church

My soul stuck in a lurch

Oh God my heart please search

And show me how it ought to be

What will I do what shall I say

I’ve lost the words that I should pray

Failure has a price to pay

I long for how things used to be

When you lead it makes things tough

Cause I will never be good enough

I’m not supposed to be stuck in that stuff

It’s not how they think it should be

And now I’m trapped by the fear of man

Mixed motives when I make a plan

Cut the crap boy and make a stand

By God’s grace you’ll be who you’ll be

I will move forward yes I will grow

I’m cleansed His love through me can flow

And in the future this I know

Things will be better than they used to be