Right now outside it looks like a lovely sunny day. But don't be fooled - the temperature is on the rise and it is now minus 21 outside. I have been outside once for about 3 minutes to get some things out of the van and man it was cold. I'm not sure what the temperature was when I got up this morning because it was lower than my thermometer records. I have the furnace going full blast but the house is still not really warm - I have my thermals on inside!
But the really fun thing is that the water pipes have frozen. I'm not even exactly sure where they are frozen - I think inside the wall where they come out of the ground and into the house. So I have no water.
Soon I need to go out. At least I know my nose won't run - it will freeze before it can drip!
Wow - this is the coldest I have experienced.
Enjoy summer!!