Way back in 1992 I wrote some poems about my siblings and recently found them.

TimothyPicture 069

T is for Timothy an older brother of mine, And it's also to him I dedicate this rhyme.

I is for intelligent, of Tim it's certainly true; Accounting, sport and music are a few things he can do.

M is for manly, "He's growing up so fast"; They said when he was three years old "But let's hope it will last."

O is for options, Tim has only two and he knows; What's more, only Tim can choose the one on which he goes.

T is for trouble, Tim experienced his share; Cars, family, motorbikes, soccer - and herding goats for Mr Blair.

H is for houses, at least twenty, not less; Whenever Tim rings us at home it's to give his new address.

Y is for "Yum Yum", you can be sure Tim will shout, If the place is MacDonalds where you take him out.

T - I - M - O - T - H - Y

Tim has had a go at everything but fly,

And I'll gladly boast that he is my -




J is for Joanna, this secret I unfold; No matter what others may say, she's worth her weight in gold.

O is for older, by almost four years! But now I'm taller, Age? Who cares?

A is for arts, music is her line; Piano, cello, clarinet, harp - she plays them all just fine.

N is for never, Jo never gives in; And many a time, it has helped her to win.

N is for "Not now, I'm busy you see." Out every night of the week, but usually home before three.

A is for always, Joanna forever! She may change her surname someday, but her first name, never.

J - O - A - N - N - A

Take a guess what I'm going to say;

Whatever happens, come what may




D is for David, like the shepherd of old. He wants to be a farmer, well so I have been told.

A is for ace, David puffs out his chest; Volleyball and table-tennis are two of his best.

V is for van, David's learning to drive! We'll pray for the family and hope they survive.

I is for instrument, David plays brass; His goal is French Horn when he reaches top class.

D is for "Den", for Dave and his friends; "No girls allowed" but for Mum the rules he bends.

D - A - V - I - D

My little brother he will always be,

Says he won't marry til after fifty,

I REMEMBER THE $1 000 000!




R is for RuthEllen, I'm glad that she's alive; Sometimes known as Rufus, she came in number five.

U is for Uno cards, "They belong to me, You can't use them unless I play" she bribes us so, you see.

T is for tummy, RuthEllen is satisfied When sausages and roast spuds are safely down inside.

H is for humility, a valuable lesson to learn; When Ruth of old displayed it, Boaz's favour she did earn.

E is for excellence, a beautiful silver cup; At 1991 Prizegiving RuthEllen was called up.

L is for learning, That's why she is still at school; She desires to be wise one day and not remain a fool.

L is for love, to get you have to give; Learn that lesson now, and happily you will live.

E is for eternal, your soul will never die; But now is the time to make sure that you will live "on high".

N is for nice, RuthEllen is attractive and young; Soon the guys will be after her, try not to worry, Dad and Mum.

R - U - T - H - E - L - L - E - N

The letters in your name are one less than ten,

And I think of you again and again,




P is for Priscilla, about her, now let me see; Although she is the smallest, what counts is quality.

R is for reading, Priscilla could read before six; Whatever she can get her hands on, third century novels or the back of the weetbix.

I is for information, she stores it all in her brain; Someday it will come in handy, so don't let it wash out in the rain.

S is for Snowdrop, one of her pet goats; She loves animals very much, I doubt she'll ever wear fut coats.

C is for climbing, on whatever she can; the trees out the front and her Dad, the poor man.

I is for injury, yes, one on each knee; To choose between bike and road was hard for Priscilla, you see.

L is for love, God offers to you as well; And as you share it with others, your heart begins to swell.

L is for last, Priscilla completes our crew; No matter what you try to say, Priscilla, our baby is you.

A is for anticipation, look for the best you must; But it will only come to you if in the Lord you trust.

P - R - I - S - C - I - L - L - A

Whatever time of night or day,

You can count on me to always say,