2009_0219chnhvplus0081When I was in Australia last year, young blokes were all into drifting. Today I left them all for dead, but not something I wish to repeat in a hurry. We had heavy snow yesterday and another top up again last night. I drove home last night – carefully but with no real problems. So I decided to head down the hill this morning. Slowly and carefully does it. But the hill had a different idea. I started to skid. I tried to brake off and on, I tried to drive into deep snow. I managed to drive to one side, saw some large trees approaching, lost all control, missed the trees, got the front up on a bit of a slope and managed to slide the entire back of the van around and ended up parked totally perpendicular to the road. To say I was shaking would be an understatement. Dan and Simbo and Jesse helped me push the back round and I put the chains on and carefully started making my way back down the remaining 30 metres. I had slid about 40 metres. While I was backing down, another car came sliding down the hill, totally out of control. It very nearly cleaned up an old man who had come to help me, hit a garage and did about a 270 spin. It was a small car – but 7 people hopped out. So good to have no one hurt by either incident – but wow – I live on a dangerous hill.

On a lighter note, the snow has made everything beautiful. I will endeavour to get some photos up in the next few days.