2008_0717ca0025 Wow, it is well over a month since I got back to Ukraine and feels like I have written hardly any emails at all. Actually sometimes it feels good to not be online much, (other times I wish I was more).

One friend Max came to stay for a couple of days after camp. He is away for the summer but will come here in September. I get on really well with Max and it will be great to have him around.

I have had two separate trips to Crimea – both just relaxing holidays. The first with friends from Kyiv who invited me to go with them, and then with Ruth and Jon and extras – becoming an August tradition for us.

In between times have been housekeeping mainly. The water has been a constant frustration. Last night we finally got to the place we can have showers at home again. I wish I could thumb up the yellow pages and call in the experts – but it doesn’t work that way here in Rzhyshchiv.

Today I visited the head of Education for Rzhyshchiv and have a meeting next week with some directors to set up the business of teaching English in the local school. There are a few ‘T’s to cross and ‘I’s to dot. I hope this can be achieved to reach the goal of starting this September.

Right now it is really really hot. It’s Friday afternoon and I plan to head to the beach this evening to play volleyball with the young people who gather there. Tomorrow I plan to go to Kyiv to watch the rugby, first time since I got back.

I’m going to aim to keep on top of correspondence – so don’t let my slackness stop you from writing.

Keep Looking Up