January 26. The alarm sounds and I bounce out of bed, ready for a good ole Aussie day! Then I remember that this is Ukraine, it is about minus 20 and I still have no running water. So its heat up some water for a bucket bath.
After my bucket bath I must decide what to wear. First of all Speedos. Its Australia Day so we will definitely be going to the beach. Now for the warm clothes. Green and gold socks (Beecroft Rugby), an Australian T-shirt on top of my jumper, my Australian Army jacket and an Akubra.

Some careful make up jobs were next on the list. A flag on one cheek, AUS on the other cheek and green stripes in my hair.

Now time to pack up the vegetables I managed to buy in Kyiv the day before, the cream cheese and the sweet chilli sauce. The most money I have paid for food in a long time.

Up at Dan and Pris's place I made up some dips and snack platters. One by one the Aussies came in with homemade meat pies, lamingtons, sausages and sausage rolls. And Dan had videos of the cricket playing!!
After a great lunch we bundled into the cars and headed down to the beach. Out came the cricket gear and we walked out onto the river to prepare the pitch. Ice is good for the quicks but not much in it for the spinners. The game of cricket was fun, with some spectacular dives in the field, some intended, many not. I learned the hard way that when you are running towards someone on ice, it is very difficult to stop quickly.
But next was the event all were waiting for (or dreading). Earlier in the day Dan had come and cut a metre square hole in the ice and so it was time to strip off and jump in. I can't believe I did it. I can tell you it was all over very quick.

Back up to the house to get warm, and enjoy a great game of catch phrase. Leftovers for dinner and game of cards after dinner!
What a great relaxing day. And all the normal Aussie things - sausages, cricket and swimming at the beach!!

Jono Miller