Recently I have had cause to reflect upon many shared experiences but also wise words from a friend and mentor of mine. Thankfully my “Aussie Dad”, John Gollan, is still with us and slowly recovering from a major stroke a number of weeks ago. When I first came to Australia (in 1993) I spent many hours at the Gollans place before finally moving in and living there.


Nothing different from last month.


I was able to spend a few hours visiting Daniel on his rather brief visit to Australia. It’s great to hear of Luda and Yura’s wedding. I first met Luda in 2004 and it has been good to see her grow and I enjoy the memories of the experiences we shared in Rzhyshchiv. Many refugees have fled the conflict areas of Ukraine. A number are in Rzhyshchiv staying with friends of mine. There is also a new tenant in my house in Ukraine. Lastly, UTSIM (the language school) is operating for another year. Sveta continues to teach English to a number of young people in Rzhyshchiv.


September is already half spent. As I write, it is the beginning of the last week of Term 3. Two weeks ago we babysat 7 then 5 children for a week (7 for the weekend then 5 Mon – Fri). Marie took the week off work and I had increased travel each day. It was a good “hit out” before we tackle the real deal in 75 days. We are excited and sometimes daunted.

We were able to have a few days away for our final “holiday BC”! We spent a weekend with my friends Ben and Tamara Clarke and family. I previously worked with them in Ukraine in 2004-2005. Then we had a couple of lovely days on the beachside of Glenelg, just out of Adelaide. I came back from that holiday to immediately go away with Year 3.

I have enjoyed this term. The next thing is one last trip to NZ before the baby arrives. We will briefly see all my family there but spend the majority of the time helping Ruth and Jon.


To Ben and Tamara and the tribe for a really lovely time in Adelaide.