The plans I have made for the next few months look like this:
September: Teaching English in Rzhyshchiv and getting ready to leave Ukraine – plus a short visit to Kyrgyzstan at the end of the month.
October: Teaching in London
November: Visiting my cousin in Zambia and helping out on the farm they manage there
December: I arrive in Australia a little before Christmas

Boys Boys Boys

Last week 7 lads packed into the van and we headed north of Kyiv and camped by the huge expanse of water that is the Dnipr River. We had an absolutely beautiful place to camp, and we enjoyed bonding together cooking, eating, swimming, fishing, reading, singing, playing Frisbee and King of the Mountain. Jesse, the youngest, being the self declared winner of King of the Mountain.

Ukrainian Centre for Foreign Languages

I finally have the registration complete. I have the official stamp of the Ukrainian Centre for Foreign Languages. It’s funny timing, as I will leave the country in one month. But it will be all ready to go when I return next year. It feels great to have this finally finished – I started in March. Big thanks to Alya and Sveta who did all the work for me.

I am starting lessons again this week for my current students.

Ruth and Jon

It has been really great spending time with my sister and bro in law. We have come to understand and love each other at a deeper level. They are now living in Kyiv and have started the year teaching at the British International School. They are hoping to come to Rzhyshchiv most weekends. They will be looking after my van while I am away.


Kolya and Jeanne will be looking after my house while I am away. I hope it will be a blessing to them as they start out a new life of marriage.

Snowy (Victor Barwick) from QLD is here for a couple weeks and has been a great help levelling my new carpark area with the 20 tonnes of landfill I got last week. He is spending time overseas visiting family and friends.

Igor came and stayed on Friday night. It was good to see him again. He and Sergei Chaban will both be required to commence their military service soon. Pray for them both in this.

What Ya Readin'?

So in-between times I read The Great Houdini by Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein. It was a great book to read. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this amazing man and even felt sad when I came to his death in the book. 4/5


  • Natalie Lovett (former grade 3 student) for a really encouraging email!

Love Jono

Keep Looking Up