A Saga of Love

As I type this, we have been married three months and a day. I love telling people that marriage is awesome. It is! That doesn’t mean it is always plain sailing. It is easy to think that after you have done a few things for your spouse, you are sort of owed something in return. Three months in – I figure I will learn a lot about love for a long time to come.

Miller’s Nook

Pennant Hills is beginning to feel like home. Marie and I have enjoyed hosting a few people for meals and would like to increase doing that so please feel free to contact us for an invite. I have been inviting myself to other people’s places for years, it is time to return the favor!

Marie’s Corner

Thanks to people who have emailed work suggestions and job ads to me. I’ve had a few interviews, a few rejections, and am waiting to hear back on a few other applications. Jono and I just listened to a message yesterday and it has made me consider broadening the type of work that I’m looking for.  Maybe I could look at some non-nursing work that I’m interested in. Whatever it is that is in store for me, I am looking forward to finding my place here in Sydney and I hope that working outside the home will be at least a part of that place.

Life in the Big Smoke

We have both enjoyed the holiday period but the responsibilities of budgeting for a family are a reminder that casual work has benefits and drawbacks.

I am playing touch footy on Monday nights with a group of blokes. It is great for my fitness.


To my brother Tim for updating our website and keeping us technologically current and to my niece Miranda for making the JAM PDFs.