A Saga of Love

I love love! It is really growing on me. Love deepens. Love gives. Love twists and turns and morphs, growing and expanding in depth, beauty and nature. Love can be thwarted. Love can shrivel and die. Love can be pressed into an unnatural mold. But when it is released to flourish then all who stand in its path are swept along by a current and overflowed by a saturation that goes beyond words. And so my words must stop to allow time and space for my love to grow even more. (translation: I am very happily married!)

Miller’s Nook

Marie and I are enjoying hosting people. Last month we have had a couple of BBQs and dinner parties. We love entertaining people, sharing our lives and learning about the lives of others. A fun night recently was a Russian Party we held here.

Marie’s Corner

Praise God, I’ve got a job! I’m excited to use my nursing skills again, hopefully in the near future. I got the call a few weeks ago that my application has been successful for a casual position at Hornsby Hospital. They are still waiting for all of my paperwork to go through before I can start work, but I feel so blessed to have found a flexible nursing job near our home in Pennant Hills.  It has been such a relief to be able to catch up on projects around the house now that I’m not filling out job applications every day.

Life in the Big Smoke

I continue doing casual teaching at Pacific Hills and pick up between 3-5 days a week. I’m enjoying playing touch football on Monday nights and actually winning a couple of games makes it more fun than last year.


Brendon for lots of together time –  cards, cleaning my BBQ etc. Love ya bro!

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Keep on working, great job!

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