“Text” – is it a noun or a verb? As our world changes and our language morphs and adapts to those changes, new words appear and old words take on new meanings. The word text is a common place verb these days. This brought about a meaningless discussion the other day with a group of friends as to the correct pronunciation of the past tense of text – i.e. texted. I say it with two syllables, others think that sounds dumb. What do you think? Actually – how important is this discussion?

Two regular areas of conflict in everybody’s everyday lives are miscommunication and arguments about minor details – often a result of a miscommunication.

As a teacher, I want to teach students to communicate well. Not so that they look good in front of others or can win a Pulitzer Prize for eloquent commentary. But because the most important issues in our world are issues of the heart, and one heart needs to communicate with another in a clear and understandable way.



Marie finally made it back to her town in the mountains although her team members have as yet been unable to return. She has only a few days left there, packing up and saying goodbye to friends and family of the past three years and is being hampered by a broken toe.  Please pray for her as she interacts with her friends there. She leaves for Spain in the middle of this month for a conference before heading to Australia for 3 weeks. You can be sure I am counting down the days with eager anticipation.


I have just returned from a week and a bit in NZ where I helped out.  Ruth and Jon are expecting their little daughter to arrive soon. I felt her kick me – quite a surreal experience.


Do I? Who really knows where home is? I still love watching the All Blacks win and win very well in the rugby. I was up at 4am the other day to watch them clean sweep the competition with an impressive try scoring rout over the Springboks.

I am working back at school, casually for the first two weeks and then full time to the end of the year.

This weekend I have the pleasure of attending Tim Watkins wedding to Christine Hazelwood. Tim was in my group many years ago and is a good mate and a really nice guy with a genuine heart – I wish them all God’s blessings in their marriage together.


I am still finishing off Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky. I seem to have my reading time taken up by other activities (such as Skyping Central Asia).


Dale and Nic for hooking me up with a monitor to keep my aging computer running!