Become a champion hugger. A hug says:

• Hello

• Goodbye

• I'm sorry

• I forgive you

• I like you

• I care for you

• You're special to me

• I love you

- Not always, but often far better than any words can ever do.

(Courtesy Uncle Roger’s father of the groom speech)



Our classroom is now the universe with a space shuttle off to one side – entry by secret code only. Yes we are studying space in Term 2. I need to start writing reports this week and would appreciate prayer prioritising all my commitments.


We lost 15-5 on the weekend. I played most of the game and am feeling my 40 years of age. I chatted with a guy from the opposition afterwards who was 42. He was Samoan and of course was Jerry Collin’s cousin! I thoroughly enjoy the interactions I have at rugby.


As I type it is 62 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes and 17 seconds until we get married! OK the seconds keep changing and it also presumes Marie won’t be late walking down the aisle. Join the countdown online. It is less than 9 weeks away and less than 7 weeks til we leave Australia. If you plan on coming and haven’t RSVP’d yet, please let us know so we can get a head count. Also if you are planning on coming to the Aussie reception on August 10 please let us know so we can start organising the necessary bits and bobs for a classic shindig.

It was a pleasure to be at Jase and Kirra’s wedding this past week. It was great to see a few Aussie traditions (and some differences) to remind us that we can make our special day unique and not be bound by unwritten rules. To honour God in our marriage is something we both desire and hearing that at Jase and Kirra’s was a blessing.


Please pray with Marie and me as we look for a place to live and employment when we return to Australia in July.


I’m thinking of retiring this heading until a later date. I read a little of my book whilst travelling to NZ during the holidays but otherwise reading time is very scarce these days.


David and Jacky for looking after Marie and me in so many ways – I am so blessed to have lived here these past 2+ years