So where is home these days? Currently it is Olympia, Washington, USA. The most amazing time of my life occurred a couple weeks ago. I am happy to announce that Marie and I will tie the knot in Shelton, WA, USA on July 6, 2013!! I return to Australia soon and have work from the start of the school year until June 21. Marie will come to Australia in February and look for work. We will return to the states for our wedding before setting up home in Sydney. As I type this Marie is busily filling out visa application forms and getting her head around the vagaries of Australian immigration. Thanks to all who have prayed for us both and those who have been supportive in helping us with practical tips and information.

Twenty-two years ago I had my first overseas trip and it just happened to be to Washington State, a couple hours north from here in the town of Sequim. This past weekend Marie and I drove up and met up with the people who looked after a skinny talkative 17 year old. We were blessed with memories, conversation, encouragement and a ride up to the top of Hurricane Ridge in a black Jaguar, one of Marie’s lifelong wishes.


I have been greatly distracted of late and got stuck half way to Venus in the middle of CS Lewis’ trilogy.


Maberrys, Osbornes and Johnsons for a wonderful weekend reminiscing and being blessed by generosity and friendship.

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