‎Thankfulness and Anticipation

I want to look back on 2011 with thankfulness. Try it. Try listing all the things you can be thankful for last year.

I am thankful for a place to live, a car, a job, a wonderful school of staff and students, my family in various parts of the world, visiting and visits from friends, rugby, Gollans, Weldons, Turners, coffee, Skype, NZ, Ukraine, Australia, mountains, Millers, Pirinis, van Ballegooys, Walkers, Kirkegards, Bryants, Watkins, Facebook, cricket, health, table-tennis, good food, and there is so much more I could add. I notice how richly God has blessed me with good people in my life. Thank you to everyone reading this who has been a part of my life this year. That’s looking back.

Looking forward, I have anticipation. Sure I have some plans (see below), but my greatest anticipations are revolved around little bits of unknown. I anticipate good relationships with friends and renewed friendships.



I’m writing this from sunny QLD, beautiful one day, perfect the next. I’m staying with my brother Tim and Judith and family. My nieces are really growing up so quickly. It is great to be able to hang out with them. I spent the Christmas to New Year period down in my favourite part of the world, Eureka. It was another great Xmas at the farm, with the Murphy Maulers once again defeating the Wellings Warriors in a thrilling cricket match that came down to the final wicket being taken on the second to last ball and a win by 2 runs!

I have enjoyed down time, reading, sleeping, scrabble, coffee, tennis, 500, etc. It is good to refresh and recharge – but I feel ready to get going with a few things again. We are made to create, to work, to also rest, to enjoy and to celebrate.

I even found a definition of me in the flat where I was staying. Except they spelled my name with two letters different!

2012 PLANS

So what does this year hold? I have a number of tentative plans which, although they may change, I’ll lay out here.


·Visit family, NZ


·Casual teaching, NSW


·Casual teaching, NSW

·Short term trip to Central Asia


·Possible trip to Thailand

·Casual teaching, NSW


·Casual teaching, NSW

·Possible Aussie Outback trip with Dad




·Possible trip to Nepal to see the Himalayas (long-time dream of mine)

Oct – Dec:

·Casual teaching, NSW

It sounds like a lot of planning, but I want to hold these plans loosely and be ready for what God has for me.

If I missed seeing you in 2011, I would love to catch up with you in 2012. Please help me make that a reality.


I read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. It was not as good as The Poisonwood Bible but an interesting read exploring human relationships as well as challenging our stewardship of planet earth.

I have now started Resurrection by L. Tolstoy. I am enjoying the range of feelings created and the deep insight of human dilemmas that Tolstoy uncovers.


To Bella Braga for dancing with me on New Year’s Eve!!