I may have started the countdown rather early, however anyone can follow the countdown here and the really eager have saved it to their computers. Today another early countdown was announced. Julia Gillard announced an election – in September. Fans of football and rugby sometimes start counting down to the next world cup as soon as one has finished. Too bad they have to wait four years and none of their friends are interested in the countdown.

What am I getting at? If something seems too distant, it is easy for us to forget about it, lose sight, be distracted from the goal, or begin to think it will never actually happen anyway. As far as our wedding is concerned, I will not forget about it. I am counting down with an eagerness and enthusiasm that borders on extremism. For others it’s not such an occasion.


Marie changed her tickets!! I am so excited. She arrives here in Australia on February 7th. The next time we will be Stateside will be a couple weeks before the wedding. Farewell to the stars and stripes for a few months.



This month will see the 4-yearly Miller Family reunion. We are having 5 nights together in Opononi in NZ’s north. Once home to a famous dolphin, Opononi is a very quaint seaside town. We have a lovely house with great views and lots of water activities at our doorstep. It will be great to reconnect with nephews and nieces as well as my siblings and for the wider family to meet Marie. Lucky them!


I am one week down teaching grade 2 and I love the class I have this year. I have 10 boys and 11 girls who are for the most part keen to be at school.  I want to instil good study habits, a love of learning, a love of reading and books, enquiring minds, and positive peer relations.


Could someone please yell loudly at me and tell me that I have to start reading again! I have a list of books I want to read. I am not making time and when I get into bed at night I find I can’t even pick a book up. I do want this to change soon.


Angela Grace for the hard work getting ready and amazing hospitality you are about to show to Marie.

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