Ukraine connections with me are usually two different types. There are all the expats who usually have a well organised blog or email with prayer points. I regularly try to keep well updated about Rzhyshchiv and some other towns where I have good friends. I’ll share a few below.

But then there are the little snippets of communication with my Ukrainian friends. There are emails, Skype, MSN, the odd SMS or phone call. But mostly we utilise Face Book or Vkontakte (the slightly less secure Russian equivalent of FB). Today I had a good friend reminisce about hanging out with Ruth and Jon and I. Another former UTSIM student wrote “Hello! how are you? you soon to our Rzhyshchiv come?” I guess I need to go back and help her with her grammar. Today I have also been having an MSN conversation with a good friend who has a big struggle in his life right now. Please pray for this friend.

Dan and Pris are currently off to Poland for visas for the whole family.. Simeon and Asia were working for UTSIM and are currently building a home to start a ministry as foster parents. Shane and Jemimah worked for UTSIM last year. Sergei and Tanya are currently in the USA but also live in Rzhyshchiv. The town of Kaharlyk is not far from Rzhyshchiv and I have many friends there. Wayne and Olya have been there for many years and Wayne is involved in more projects than most would do in a life time. And I have a bunch of friends in Chernihiv.


School is my weekly life. I must say I am enjoying Term 3. I have a good working relationship with the students and I am really enjoying some of the deeper levels of conversation I can have with many of them. We are doing a unit of work called “The Haves and the Have Nots”. We are discovering what poverty is, where it exists around our world, what our emotional response is and what we can do. Yes we are only children, but we can do something. It is great to see the softness of some of their hearts and the way that God speaks to 11 and 12 year olds. I have been humbled and challenged. Our Primary Department had a week long campaigning for a special offering to help relieve the suffering caused by the famine in Somalia. The children very generously brought in over $2000. Pray that God continues to work in the hearts of these children and does wonderful things to change the world.

I am the very happy owner of a 1999 Toyota Camry. I have never owned such a nice car in my life and I pray that it will be useful, reliable and something I can use not only to get to and from work but with which to bless and help others.

We had a win on Saturday! Rugby has been slim pickings this year, but winning on Saturday felt especially good. I feel like I have really started to gel with a number of guys in the club – and now the season is nearly over.

David and Jacky Bryant for taking in this homeless stray. Six months already!!