India is an intense place! Well I can't judge all of India but 3 days in Mumbai have left me a plethora of experiences, emotions and challenging notions. I will continue to take processing time. Here the ears are bombarded with the varying pitches of the honkng of horns. The eyes are kept busy with an explosion of constant colour and constant movement. The nose is greeted with an array of aromas, curries and spices, incense near every corner shrine, and the reminders of how difficult sanitation is in over populated areas. The mouth has been host to a wonderful gourmet experience, yes even Jono has been loving the curries, garlic naans and mango lassis. And all you need to do is ride the train system to know what it means to touch a lot of people at one time. One certainly needs to redefine one's meaning of personal space.

When is culture right or wrong? Can more than one opposing idea be right? Ghandi wrote: "I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.”


I spent a short time in Dubai and even there met people who know friends from Sydney. Our world is small, yet I know how far from people I can sometimes feel. I would love to live in Ukraine again. I would also love to return to Central Asia and maybe could have a job there.

Ukraine will co host Euro 2012 in June and July.

I am getting ready to board another couple of flights and spend sometime in the north of Thailand with Dan and Xan and family. Very much lookng forward to it..


Pete and Soph for your hospitality and your encouragement :-)


hey jono, how are you?? great to read from your experiences on your trip back home and all your prayerrequests, we will remind your points too! i tried to send you an email, but it kept saying, that you don´t want our spam! ;) we were just wondering how you were and then i discovered your great side here.. :) could you please send us an email with the grouppic which you took from all of us, we want to write our newsletter and it would be lovely if we could use these.. :) hey we really do look forward to visit you guys at down under!! :) please pray for us and our language learning, we think we stuck a bit and don´t have much energie and motivation right now.. its so much going on.. thanks and gods bless for your fingers!!
your tajikfriends stefan&anett :)
email: (when you mail me, i will send you my other adress as well) thanks!!

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hey thanks guys
i am still travelling. when i get home on tuesday i will send you the picture
thanks for keeping in touch

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