A while ago I watched the movie Julie and Julia. I’ve discovered how therapeutic cooking can be. On the odd occasion that I don’t eat up the road at Ruth and Jon’s, I’ve enjoyed trying to cook with a bit of creativity. Last week I decided to make bread. It came out perfectly. Nice fresh homemade bread – it rose so high it nearly hit the top of the oven. So today I tried again. Igor and I ate a slice of the rocks I produced. What went wrong? I don’t know. I used the same recipe, same ingredients. I tried to copy exactly the same methods as last time – but this time it all went pear shaped.

I think tomorrow I’ll bake a cake.


It’s hard to believe that we are less than three months away from completing our second year. We have 79 students at last count.

Our new replacement teacher, Zhenya, has fitted in like a glove and I am thankful. Sveta has made it back to NZ for a second year of music study and Simbo and Asia have had a baby girl all safe and sound and praising God.

As the end of the school year draws closer we realise that the need to find a permanent home for UTSIM in Rzhyshchiv is becoming more and more pressing.



Last week we had a couple of days of sunshine and plus 5 degrees. This gave me enough clean road to get my van off my hill and I now have it parked down at school. I got stuck in the ruts on the steep part of the hill and slowly slid down the hill with my front wheels on full lock – 90 degrees against the way I was going. We have now dropped down to temperatures below zero again and yesterday it snowed nearly all day so we have a nice thick covering of snow everywhere again. I’m still walking to work and trying not to slip over.


The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. That might not be a big deal Down Under, but here in Ukraine it is a public holiday. So thanks girls. I’m going to enjoy a four day week. Here in Ukraine it is expected that guys should give flowers and/or chocolates to the girls they know. I think that we should have an attitude that treats girls with utmost respect all year round.


Thank you Mr Tolkien. I have finished the fellowship of the ring and our now separated companies are adventuring through Middle Earth in the tale of The Two Towers.


To my brother Tim for giving me remote assistance on my computer. Amazing!!

Love Jono

Keep Looking Up