This month has turned crazy. I feel too busy and too tired to write something inspirational, challenging, motivating or even funny. I can’t tell you all that is on my mind. I’m not sure I can even understand myself – but next month . . . .


There’s not a lot to talk about for UTSIM in the month of July. Basically the main activity is the documentation process required for some teachers who we are inviting to come and work with us in the coming school year. I have some documentation issues regarding my University degree. It has been lost in transit while I was sending it away to get an Apostil required for authentication here in Ukraine. I will need an authenticated replacement before September or October.



This coming Saturday they are getting married in Lviv. So once again I am heading to the beautiful city of Lviv for a wedding. I’m excited for Taras and Tasha.


My parents’ two and a bit weeks has nearly come to an end. They head off this Tuesday. They have enjoyed meeting our friends and seeing things in Ukraine - some the same and some different from their visit 6 years ago. We fitted in a trip to Chernihiv, visiting good friends and enjoying the pristine nature of the Blue Lakes near the Russian border. Not to mention the 4 kilograms of wild blue berries an old lady sold to us.

At the end of July my sister Joanna and Frank and family from Paraguay will come for just 10 days.


I’m still reading Say You’re One Of Them by Uwem Akpan. The book is quite gripping though hard to read some of the “African” English the author includes. I’m also aware of how little reading I have been able to do in the last month – so much for being on holidays from work.


To my big brother Tim – I reckon everyone needs a brother like him!!

Love Jono

Keep Looking Up