A break! I am really glad to be having a one week break. I’m off to Poland later today and will drive to Hungary to visit Max and then back again via Vienna to take in the sights of a new city – a little rushed but something I am looking forward to.

Last week I finally made it to Chernihiv. I spent the time looking at available office space to feel the market there and had a really good chat with the owner of an English teaching school. They have been operating there for 15 years. Although I haven’t made a decision, we will probably not pursue a school there at this time; however I mean to keep in touch with the company I met there and maybe work together somehow in the future.

There is a lot to do and a lot of decisions to make when I get back from holiday. We have end of year testing and reports. Setting schedules and working out classes for next year as well as advertising for students. On top of that we don’t know exactly where we will be and how many rooms we will have. We are also planning an end of year celebration/awards night.

Additionally, I’m working on the paperwork to bring two foreigners here to help with the teaching. To put it succinctly it is a costly and difficult and confusing process.



Jon and Ruth were also in Chernihiv administering the last rites to their car. If you hadn’t heard about my little escapade then read this RPD to find out why you should always wear your seatbelt. Anyhow it seems that all should go ahead without a problem. The other party made no attempts to contest liability. They now have to wait to see what the insurance company will offer them.


Back in January, Ruth and Jon, Tom, Cheryl and I signed up and paid good money for an internet deal. It has been one headache after another trying to get it to work. It seems that this month I now have it working. It is not always consistent but supports a much higher speed than before. I can even use Skype now. The video feed is not great, but the audio is ok. Big thanks to Jon who probably made about 100 phone calls and 200 SMSs trying to get it sorted. I still can’t send emails from it – there is a setting problem that we haven’t been able to fix yet. On that note, I have got a long long way behind in answering emails. Work has been really busy and my energy and motivation has been rather low once I get home.


Since the last monthly update I haven’t finished any books. I’ve almost finished The Two Towers by Tolkien and hope to start the third book soon. I will have to try and set some down time over summer to read a few books.


To Priscilla for making yummy Hot Cross Buns.

Love Jono

Keep Looking Up