As I was typing this letter my neighbour came over and reminded me that I had promised to help her grandson move. He and his wife and daughter are moving back into the family home next door. She said I’d better go now cause his stuff is outside and it’s about to rain. When I finished helping them a couple more guys came over to borrow some volleyball gear and have a cup of tea. Life is full of interruptions or should I call them opportunities? It depends on my perspective.

Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Service
The registration process is still in the pipeline. I have made progress and am awaiting some translation services to be completed.

The exciting news is the students. I now have four classes a week. This is keeping me on my toes in preparation. I am still looking to find some really helpful resources. I have just a few. I plan on attending some ESL courses when I am back in Australia next year.

Poland - Part of Europe
I have just returned from a week away, travelling to Krakow, Poland and back. This time I took a bunch of 6 Ukrainians and one fellow Kiwi. We visited Auschwitz among the many other things we did while we were away. Talking together near the end of the trip, they were all saying how much nicer Polish people were – they are not so rude, the place is cleaner. It was a great chance for people to see outside their own boundaries and be challenged and motivated. I shared with them the quote about love being applied person to person. The challenge is to find one person with whom you rub shoulders often – and go out of your way to love them. This is a challenge to you too.

Rzhyshchiv People and Happenings

Jon and Ruth will also be coming back here at the end of July. They have teaching jobs in Kyiv starting in September. It will be great to have them around again.

It’s been good to have Igor back in town after a long time away with Practicum for his studies. He is always an enthusiastic participator in anything that is going on. He also rubs shoulders with so many boys in the local technicum. Igor graduates this summer and shortly after is required to commence his military service. He is planning on doing alternative service for those who object on religious grounds.

May 9
Australia and New Zealand recently celebrated ANZAC Day. Here May 9th is a memorial day for the Second World War which ravaged this land and its inhabitants. I have been reminded of the horribleness of war. And for us in NZ and Oz – our men went to the war. But here in Ukraine – the war came to them. There is not a family who was not touched by it. I hope the young people of this world will never forget what a horrible thing war is. I believe these memorials are an important part of education. I’ll be taking a van load out to the large memorial site near our town in the morning and then having a BBQ at my place in the afternoon.

It is also Spring in full bloom. The country side is so green and the trees are full of blossoms. What a privilege to live in the countryside and not the city.

What Ya Readin'?
I read “The Day I Died” by Steve Sjogren. The story of a man who learned to slow down his life for much greater results after an operation that went dreadfully wrong. A good challenge about some of the basic things in life. 3/5


  • Altu for driving to Kyiv to pick us up after our late return from Poland.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up