It has been far too long since I have written – let me share with you some of the highlights of the last few weeks.

The group of 9 from Australia that spent 2 ½ weeks with us were truly amazing and a blessing. It was great to have young boys who just got involved and made friends with the young guys here. Everyone gave of themselves relationally and went home the richer for it. I am thankful for every member of the team. You are all special to me. And Rzhyshchiv is glad you came.

My sister and my ‘brother from another mother’ have been absolutely great to have around. They have kept the house running while I have been flat out as well as one-armed. They have initiated some awesome discussions that have helped me think deeply through issues. And I have just appreciated their friendship. They will leave in about 3 weeks and that will go far too fast for me.

I have the all clear from the doctor concerning the healing of the bone. It is now up to me to exercise daily and gain the use of my arm back. I can not lift my arm above my head or even close to it. I have been told it will take quite some time before I am fully operational again. But seriously – even with the inconveniences – I am thankful for this experience as God has changed me in small ways that I think would not have happened to me without this incapacity.

“Eyewitness” by Vladimir Pozner was an insightful book. I feel like I have a slightly better grasp on the Soviet mindset of the last few decades. I still have a lot to learn 4/5


Ruth for helping me clean my room, organise my house and my life!!

Love Jono