Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Services
The registration process I believe is almost complete. I am just a few steps away from being able to operate a business here in Ukraine. This brings a small amount of paper work and other admin tasks. But it also will open the door to many opportunities. 
The lessons are going really well. They are really diverse. I have one student who wants to master the use of the pluperfect tense (yes I had to look that one up). And I have some students who tentatively answer the question “How are you today?” I had a great incident last week when Luda decided to be adventurous answering that question and replied, “I am beautiful thank you.” No one blinked an eye until I translated her answer. Then her husband Yura continued to tease her for the rest of the lesson. Yura has perfected saying “thanks for comin’” when I leave their place each Thursday.

Back to the Beach
We have had a hot start to the summer with a week or more of temperatures above 30. The beach has been packed each afternoon. I have taken quite a few dips myself, to cool off and also to clean up as I have no running water at present. Showers are a thing of the past.

I have started up volleyball on the beach again.  I have been asked by the Rzhyshchiv sports director to help him organise a beach volleyball tournament.

I was also back on the beach in Kyiv last Saturday playing in a beach rugby tournament. This is one year since my broken collarbone and I was really happy with my shoulder. It was great to play again. I feel like I have made a level of friendship with this team that I don’t want to lose – yet Kyiv is not where I live and it is not feasible for me to spend every weekend with them.

Rzhyschiv People and Happenings
Cheryl leaves us this month for a 3 month break in Canada with her family and friends there. This means that Kolya is also leaving me because he will house sit for Cheryl.


  • Nata for one of the most encouraging, challenging and enlightening conversations I can ever remember having.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up