I love March! I remember when I was living in Ukraine, and I thought March was an ugly month. The snow was old and dirty. The roads were muddy and slippery. The weather was cold and dull while the demeanour of the populace was abrupt and gloomy. Yet March whispered a promise, “winter is almost done, and spring will soon follow.”

I also love March because it’s my birthday!


Marie is busy looking after the baby and cooking muffins so will be back next month.


The Ukrainian hryvna has gone into a spin. When I lived there it was 5 to the dollar and slipped to 8 to the dollar after the GFC. It has now burst out to 26 to the dollar and last week was above 30. Along with conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the economy is as bad as it has been in decades and the future is anything but certain.


Life seems to consist of school, Jonny, the weekend, school, Jonny, the weekend. That is rather simplistic. Marie and I are enjoying the time we have together with Jonny each evening and on the weekends. We are slowly getting a good evening and sleeping routine. We are able to have a group of friends over at our place once a week. We don’t get out to visit others a lot but we welcome you round to our little residence. School is going well. I have begun to click well with my class this year. Next week my parents are coming to visit and my Dad is going to come and teach the kids some knot tying.

I also get to turn 21 (again) this month. Come on over and share a coffee with me and help me get fat on some of Marie’s awesome home cooking. Actually playing sport to keep fit is a pastime that seems to be currently eluding me. I have played squash a few times but am needing to do something regularly. From a lounge chair point of view, I am enjoying the Black Caps and hope that maybe this time they can go all the way to the final.


Marie for all the muffins!

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