The Sun in Scotland?!?

My picture was printed in the Scottish Sun Tabloid last week. I was with my friend Simbo 7 ½ years ago and . . . well he saw it first, so he tells the story.

“They say every picture tells a story. Well what a story this one tells today. It was taken on October 11th 2006, me and Jono Miller soaking up the atmosphere on Independence Square, Kyiv, a few hours before Ukraine beat Scotland 2-0 in Euro2008 qualifying. Kenny Miller missed a glorious chance at 1-0, there was a dive for the penalty that made it 2-0. Anyway, this picture appeared TODAY (88 months later) in a Scottish newspaper as the draw for Euro 2016 was revealed. Today, while thousands in Scotland looked at this picture and thought about football, I was on Independence Square in Kyiv, sharing all kinds of emotions with thousands gathered to remember the 88 people who died here in the last week, fighting for a better future for this country. And today, I added the Saltire you see round Jono's neck, to the many other flags hung from the Independence Square Christmas tree, a few feet from where this picture was taken.”

Marie’s Corner

My doctor’s visit a few weeks ago was a productive one. Thanks for praying with me about that. Now I have a name for some of my symptoms: rheumatoid arthritis. It has been good to learn more about this illness over the last few weeks and come up with a plan for how to handle it.

Life in the Big Smoke

Jono has been sick and Marie played nurse. Now it’s Jono’s turn to care for Marie while she is sick. I think Marie is both a better nurse AND a better patient! Although it is never fun to be sick, it is nice to have someone to look after you. Just one of the benefits of marriage.

Aside from sickness, we have both been very busy. Fulltime work for Jono is both a privilege and a challenge. Our school has rolled out iPads to all students this year and the technology learning curve has been very steep. Marie has been volunteering at school as well as working at Hornsby Hospital. She has been doing some really nice painting in her spare time. Jono has been playing touch footy as a token means of staying fit. The touch season is about to end and the rugby season about to begin. My body could be about to get a rude awakening.

Hosting people is always fun. We have had some BBQs making the most of an outdoor courtyard and good Aussie weather.


To Jo Edwards, Pete and Soph McCrindle and Phil and Jen Thorp for donating furniture to Marie’s friends.

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