If you come and visit us in Beecroft, along with the cafe quality latte and amazing assortment of gluten free snacks which you'll be offered, there is a good chance that I will force our wedding album upon you. It's more than a wedding album. My wife has done an amazing job getting photos of us all around the world (a few photos of friends, but really the book features us).


Jonny is smiling, babbling, hating tummy time, trying to play with his toys, and enjoying long naps in the morning. Life with him is delightful. I definitely don’t miss work yet!


Can you believe Jonny is more than 2 months old already! What more is there to talk about? Sure I go to work every day. I have 24 more Year 3 children to love, to teach, to pray for. But I love coming home to Jonny. Sure there is laundry and dishes and cooking and cleaning and shopping, but that is nothing compared to the joy of family. Sure my wife hasn't had a decent sleep in two months, but that is . . . well that actually is something.

I'm sure other things happen in life, but really everything else is a blur. Today I walked up the street with Jonny pointing out things we could see while he gazed absentmindedly at the blue sky. I thought how quickly he will grow and change and I want to be able to be there every step. So let the big smoke grind on. I've got more important things to do.


The hundreds of people who have given us baby things for Jonny.

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