Miller’s Nook

Thanksgiving was a great time to reflect over the year; we have so much to be thankful for. Our friends the McCrindles joined us for the evening and we enjoyed duck (the turkey wasn’t quite right) and Marie’s amazing pumpkin pie. We are thankful to have a place where we can entertain both inside and out. We are away for much of the summer but come late January we would love to see you at our house.

Marie’s Corner

What an eventful month. There are lots of things I could write about, but am afraid to overwhelm or bore you, so I’ll pick just a few to write about today.

My casual nursing job at Hornsby hospital is going well. I’ve been able to work two or three shifts per week and am starting to understand the different policies, procedures and general hospital culture. I’ve still got a long way to go, but the other nurses that I’ve worked with have been really helpful and I’m thankful for all the time and effort they’ve put into showing me the ropes.

Jono and I booked tickets to go to the States for my sister Julia’s wedding in July! We were only able to get a few weeks off work, so this will be the shortest trip home I’ve ever done, but a short trip is better than nothing. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of my American family and friends again. If you want to catch up with us while we’re in America, please send me an email so I can make sure to set aside time for you.

Life in the Big Smoke

The big news is that I have a full time job at school starting in 2014. I will be teaching Grade 3 and I really look forward to the input I will have in the students’ lives as we grow and learn together. There are a few steep learning curves in curriculum and technology for me to master.

As far as 2013 is concerned, work is almost finished for the year. Marie and I are thoroughly looking forward to visiting NZ. We start in Christchurch, then move to my Aunt’s in the Nelson area where I grew up. We will even spend a night in the house I grew up in which is now a Bed and Breakfast. We then go to Picton and ferry across to Wellington and then drive up to my parent’s new place in Kati Kati for an early Christmas. From there we visit my sister Priscilla and family before heading north for New Year which we will spend together in Keri Keri. Then it’s on to Kaitaia with Ruth and Jon holidaying and relaxing in New Zealand’s far north until it’s time to come home and go back to work. Yay!


To every person who spoke an encouraging word to Marie or Jono this year

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Hey Jono and Marie, it's a while since we connected with you Jono & not at all yet with you Marie but you are often in my thoughts and I'm happy for you Jono that you now have Marie to keep you on the straight & narrow
You may be interested that Fi & Jo( once Edwards but now Valentine & Kavanagh) both have a daughter on the continent of Africa but on opposite sides. Kate Valentine (Fi's daughter ) is in Uganda for 3 weeks helping to build a new classroom in a school. Anna Kavanagh, Matt & Jo's daughter(one of the twins) is in Accra, Ghana for a year working as a Volunteer in an orphanage.Gutsy move for an 18yr old. ( Bring back memories Jono of a trip to Africa a loooong time ago :}!! )
Anna had the beginning of a dream at 11 yrs and by 15 with her first part time job she began to save to make it happen. Out of $15K she saved all but the last 3K. She left on Nov 3oth and now is blogging often to keep us in touch.

It has been most interesting following your journey and now reading of your new journey, married , school teaching and yet oh so connected to much of the 'real' life that is an aussie connection after so long in other lands.
much love and I'll continue reading :)

1 decade ago