If you were a fly on any staffroom wall towards the end of a busy term you would probably hear the word “tired” over and over. But not just in schools. People are tired at work. People are tired at home. People are tired in their pursuits. People are tired in relationships. People are tired serving others. What is the antidote to tiredness? REST! You need rest. We all need more rest.


Today the Real Estate agent rang to say that our house has been sold and the new owners would like to move in so we have to find a new place by the time our lease runs out in June. So it looks like the little Miller’s Nook we set up here is not going to last a year. It’s time for me to dust off my ridiculous collection of empty boxes and find a new place. Friends with trailers beware!

As the first term of school winds to a close we are both looking forward to a holiday. The first week will be a rather quick trip to QLD with about one day to see each of the people we want to see. We should be back for Easter Sunday and then hope to have a relaxing week with a couple of nights of camping before it all starts over again for term 2.

My parents have just been to Sydney for a short visit and it was good to be able to spend time with them both here at our place and in the city finding some new spots I had not yet visited. My class at school were privileged to have Dad come and teach them some knots (a reef knot and a bowline) and share some life lessons with them also.

We also had a very quick trip across the Tasman for my Uncle Lincoln’s funeral. Please pray for Aunty Elsbeth and all their children and grandchildren.

The rugby season has started and so far 2 huge blisters are the only thing worth writing home about. I do need to get fit and stay fit.

We enjoyed a weekend camping and I think we may like to take off to the bush more and more. Sometimes you have to get away so you can rest, when you live in a big city.


To Aunty Elsbeth for a beautiful handmade pottery dish to grace our table.